WAVE invests in energy, food, water, and materials companies with proven transformational technologies that are at their inflection points of growth.  We have a preference for those companies that have demonstrable growth potential in several markets.


We believe in selecting very few companies in whom we have high conviction and supporting them throughout their growth cycle.  These companies have transitioned from their development stages to revenue, and possess proprietary IP that differentiate and protect their product or service.


The Partners have invested in technology enterprises for more than a decade. We have deep experiences in energy, industrial manufacturing, public policy, and project financing of utility scale facilities.  WAVE is a constructive active Investor and is heavily engaged with the portfolio companies through all growth stages.


Wave seeks appropriate  companies in the areas of Energy (except for the commodity), Waste to Energy, Water, Food and Specialty Materials (usually where those materials’ benefits apply to the other areas.)  Target company attributes include:

  • At least one happy customer and several more engaged
  • Substantial competitive advantage and protectable IP
  • Attractive gross margins and straightforward path to scale
  • Cash flows are positive, or no more than nominally and temporarily negative