Social Responsibility

WAVE invests in essential industries—clean energy, food, water and waste recycling—that are critical for a healthy planet and harmonious society. Hence, the ESG impact is not an afterthought but a natural byproduct of our private equity investments.

Our portfolio companies generate strong environmental and social impact at no cost to the customer. Their innovative solutions enhance industrial efficiency, resource productivity and conservation, that improve existing processes/products while saving money for their customers. Our investment practices adhere to the dictum:
That which is not profitable, is not sustainable.

Multi-dimensional Impact

WAVE’s investment activities promote financial responsibility as well as environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact. In fact, we believe that these goals are inherently linked and complementary. Their impact is long-lasting because their advanced technology platforms improve ESG performance in multiple global industries by:

  • Conserving the use of energy, water and other natural resources
  • Creating high quality manufacturing jobs in rural communities with low to moderate incomes
  • Investing in employee and stakeholder development, training and education
  • Advocating opportunities for women and minorities in employment and contracts
  • Promoting ESG dialog and ethics through community, school, industry and civic engagements
  • Reducing pollution and waste, and promoting close-loop recycling of natural resources, and
  • Incorporating responsible governance measures in the board and management practices

Examples of Portfolio’s ESG Impact

Following are some examples of positive economic and ESG impacts of WAVE’s portfolio companies.

Portfolio Company Economic and ESG Impacts
American Aerogel Economic – reduces energy use by 75% , lowers customer logistics costs
ESG – saves food & medicine spoilage worth billions; jobs in depressed areas
Green Conversion Economic – generates renewable energy fuel and reduces cost of processing trash
ESG – diverts 90% of post recycled waste & reduce CO2 emissions by 25%; jobs
Gradiant Economic – eliminates wastewater disposal and lowers recycling cost
ESG – conserves freshwater: 25 facilities will produce 1 billion gallons of clean water
Intellihot Economic – reduces customer cost to buy and use industrial water heaters by 40%
ESG – lowers fossil fuel use by 40-60%, reduces water waste; manufacturing jobs
Heatworks Economic – smarter and durable domestic water heating equipment for 25% less
ESG – cuts 20% energy, lasts 200% longer, reduces water waste; manufacturing jobs
Lionano Economic – lowers the cost of Li-ion batteries and improves safety/performance
ESG – improves utility & cost of electric vehicles and storage for solar & wind energy