It has been rightly said, “Prove a technology, become a millionaire. Scale a technology, become a billionaire.”  WAVE is building a portfolio of companies that deploy large scale efficiencies in solving some of the deepest problems affecting the essential markets – energy, food, water, and natural resources – that provide the foundation for strong growth and profitability.

Underserved Needs

These markets require more efficient and scalable solutions but there is a capital mismatch.   The traditional energy investors (the PE firms) do not fulfill the markets’ search for radically higher efficiency.  On the other hand, the technology investors (the VC firms) lack expertise to assess manufacturing and scaling imperatives.  WAVE possesses the right combination of expertise to finance companies that directly address markets’ most urgent needs.

Growth Financing

The relative lack of capital allows WAVE to acquire equity without going through a competitive bidding process.  We require influential ownership so we can help the company steer through the most critical growth phases.  The goal is to build a strong executive team that positions the company to win a disproportionate share of the markets within 2-4 years.

Alignment of Interest

WAVE structures the companies to capture economic value from one or several markets, maximizing their impact and creating extraordinary value for the founders in a shorter time. The Fund reserves capital for funding future market expansions, and assures that the founders retain winning equity stakes in their ventures.