Global Solutions

The need for clean energy, water, food and air do not stop at a nation’s border. But innovative companies are often restrained by capital and execution limitations from growing beyond their initial footprint.  WAVE helps those businesses acquire resources to accelerate growth.

Pressing Global Needs

Many regions of the world are experiencing pressures that threaten to bend or break their economies. Though our needs are similar, finding and adapting new solutions to local needs present many challenges.

New Challenges

How do manufacturing businesses cross the scale-up challenges? Once they do, how do they penetrate multiple markets in far-off locations? These questions challenge the traditional investment styles.

New Paradigm

Often, best innovations are too valuable to stay bound to a single market. WAVE can help those companies propagate in new markets via licensing and parnterships – leveraging local partners, capital and management to generate successful standalone businesses that generate additional profits to investors and founders.