Investment Criteria

Market forecasts state that over $10 trillion will be invested in the essential markets in the next twenty years. The scope of innovation, investment, and wealth creation is predicted to eclipse the scope of the Internet and telecom revolutions.


We do not expect the companies to have mature and complete management teams. If we like their commitment and passion, we will work with them to build winning leadership teams.


We invest in companies that are at their inflection point of growth, and ready for broad market deployment.  Typically, we lead Series A/B equity investments in companies that are scaling after initial proof of market, or are applying proven solutions to previously untapped markets. We can be the first institutional investor.

Key Questions

  • Is this a proven, superior solution with clearly owned IP?
  • Can it achieve commercial growth with a modest investment?
  • Does it have demonstrable and sustainable competitive superiority?
  • Does it require changes in user behavior, market structures, or value chain?
  • Can it generate leading businesses in one or more $billion markets?
  • Can it yield realistic exit options and distributions within 3-5 years?