Investment Style

WAVE’s capital allocation model not only consider the amount of capital necessary to achieve commercial profitability in the initial market, but also the growth capital needed to monetize additional markets. To achieve optimal results, we follow a hands-on approach to shape business strategy, executive hiring, financing, governance, and IP management.


Inflection point of growth; technology ready for broad market deployment


Initial investment in North America. Future growth investments can occur in overseas markets


$2-5 million initially in Series A or B; Cumulatively $15-20 million over time


Our core operating principles are:

  • Selectivity: Pick a few innovative companies that are capable of competing with established legacy companies
  • Risk Control: Minimize risks associated with technology, capital, markets, and public policy
  • Opportunity: Identify leading solutions that solve the biggest and most urgent problems
  • Value-add: Add meaningful value at each stage through active participation and influential ownership
  • Global Partnerships: Engage industrial and financial partners who provide tangible value to the portfolio companies