Current Investments

WAVE’s portfolio companies are deploying transformational technologies across GLOBAL markets TODAY, creating massive financial and environmental impact. They recognize that success requires commitment, economic use of resources, dogged persistence, responsible investing, and winning collaboration.

American Aerogel makes the world’s best insulation material with a 10x performance increase and is a leading supplier of insulated shipping solutions.  Customers, which include major pharmaceutical companies as well as food companies, use the product to store and ship biologics and perishable food products, reducing their cost and eliminating losses by preventing spoilage. This product is the cheapest source of ‘negawatts’. 10 standard-sized refrigerated warehouses fitted with this insulation will reduce GHG emissions equivalent to taking 3 million vehicles off the road.
CEO: Jay McHarg, HQ: Rochester, NY
WAVE Partners: Mark Robinson and Praveen Sahay
Green Conversion Systems has a proprietary technology to turn municipal solid waste to renewable power.  Their plants deliver 4x power with 1/5th environmental footprint compared to the traditional solutions.  The dramatically higher power revenue cuts the municipal cost for waste disposal in half.  GCS has been selected for five projects in the US and the Caribbean. 25 of these facilities will annually recycle 2 million tons of useful materials, destroy 9 million tons of solid waste, generate over 3,000 MW of base load electricity, and reduce GHG emissions equivalent to taking 2.5 million vehicles off the road.
CEO: Chip Schroeder, HQ: Rye, NY
WAVE Partners: Mark Robinson and Joe Stanislaw
Gradiant 1
Gradiant has commercialized a most versatile and cost-effective technology to purify wastewater, especially those containing high concentrations of salt. Their proprietary process avoids the use of chemicals or membranes, and is admirably flexible for recycling toxic water produced by industries such as oil and gas, power and mining. The company is developing and operating several commercial scale plants that reduce capital and operational costs and also conserve water.
CEO: Anurag Bajpayee, HQ: Boston, MA
WAVE Partners: Charlie Bridge and Haskell Crocker
Intellihot makes industry’s most efficient water heaters that never run out of hot water, and are installed by large establishments like hotels, restaurants, high rise buildings, and multifamily residences. These tankless, natural gas heaters reduce capital, installation and energy costs by 30-50%, and offer smart features such as built-in modularity, self-cleaning, flexible scaling, and industry’s longest warranty.
CEO: Sridhar Deivasigamani, HQ: Galesburg, IL
WAVE Partners: Praveen Sahay and Haskell Crocker
Heatworks makes world’s most advanced and reliable electric water heaters for residential use. Its tankless units use no heating elements or moving parts, and offer industry-best 99% efficiency, zero scaling, maintenance free operation, longest product warranty, and WiFi-monitoring—all for lower price. The product been embraced by some of the largest retailers and installers including Lowe’s and Google Nest.
CEO: Jerry Callahan, HQ: Charleston, SC
WAVE Partners: Haskell Crocker and Mark Robinson
Lionano manufactures and sells proprietary cathode materials that increase the energy density of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries by more than 50%, and simultaneously improve their cost, durability and safety. These characteristics make their materials especially useful for batteries used in mobile devices and electric vehicles (EVs) – rapidly growing markets expected to reach $75 Billion by 2020. The company currently has a commercial production facility, and is expanding its capacity to fulfill accelerating demand from OEM customers.
CEO: Alex Yu, HQ: Cambridge, MA
WAVE Partners: Praveen Sahay and Charlie Bridge