Carbon Clean joins forces with industry giants to demonstrate the value of carbon capture

  • Flue2Chem aims to transform the sustainability of the UK’s consumer products industry by developing a new value chain using captured CO2
  • The collaborative project includes industry giants – BASF, Tata Steel and Unilever – in a first ever cross-sector collaboration to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • The two-year project has received £2.68 million of grant funding from Innovate UK

Carbon Clean, a global leader in cost-effective carbon capture solutions, has joined forces with 14 other organisations, including BASF, Tata Steel and Unilever, to demonstrate the value of carbon capture to the UK consumer products sector.

The two-year Flue2Chem project will develop a new value chain to convert industrial waste gases into sustainable materials for consumer products, which could result in a saving of 15-20 million tonnes of CO2 emissions a year in the UK. It is receiving £2.68 million of grant funding from Innovate UK’s Transforming Foundation Industries (TFI) Challenge.

Foundation industries such as metals, glass, paper and chemicals could provide alternative sources of CO2 for UK consumer product production, at a time when most of the carbon used in everything from electronics to home care and many other products is extracted from coal, oil and gas. If the UK is to reach its net zero target by 2050, industries must find an alternative source for the carbon in these goods.

Carbon Clean’s fully modular CycloneCC carbon capture technology will capture 10 TPD of CO2 from three industrial sites – at Holmen, Tata Steel and UPM – as part of the project.

James Hall, Head of Research at Carbon Clean, said:

“We’re excited to be working alongside UK industry giants and academia in this project to evaluate the full value chain of carbon capture and utilisation in the UK. Deploying our carbon capture technology in foundation industries, such as metals, glass, paper and chemicals, will generate a vital source of CO2 for the UK consumer products industry. It’s a great example of the circular carbon economy in action – transforming captured carbon into affordable raw materials for consumer products.”

Currently the UK is importing large amounts of carbon containing feedstocks each year for use in the consumer goods industry, so securing an alternative domestic source will also bring economic benefits. Aside from the technical aspects of the project, the business model development will frame the economic incentives that are likely to be required to make the model work. The project will bring together partners from across the whole supply chain to achieve this.

Rebrand Demonstrates Commitment to ESG Impact, Climate-Tech and Environmental Sustainability

Thoughtful person committed to ESG, climate-tech and environmental sustainability

Wave Equity Partners is thrilled to roll out its new brand to our growing community of entrepreneurs, investors and environmental sustainability enthusiasts. Our world is at a time of change akin to the Industrial Revolution with even deeper impact. Nations are waking up to the fact that our earth’s resources are finite and in peril due to climate change. Consumers are increasingly demonstrating their preference for sustainable goods and services while businesses respond with products that reflect those preferences. Fortunately, technological advancements across ESG and climate-tech sectors are making it possible for communities to thrive on mostly renewable energy. We are proud to work alongside inspiring portfolio companies seeking to lead the transition to clean energy and a better world.

Commitment to climate-tech and sustainability

Our new logo represents a planet of equality rising from waves of change. The blue-green color represents the balance of our shared on-land environment and the water that covers two-thirds of the planet. In short, Wave’s rebrand is a doubling down of our commitment to investing in sustainability, climate-tech and those who invent a better world.

During a recent 12 month period, Wave’s portfolio companies abated 2.9 million Tons of C02 and treated 8.8 Giglaiters of water. These milestones were achieved working with industry leaders like Marriott, Pfizer and Hyundai. Together these clean-tech and industry leaders are driving the transition to a cleaner future. Wave is so pleased to be a part of this increasingly important journey. We would greatly appreciate it if you chose to join us. If you’re a Sustainability Innovator with a clean-tech breakthrough, we’d love to hear about it. You can learn more about how we can help your company grow on Our Approach web page. If you’re an investor who might like to hear more about Wave and our companies, we invite you to visit our Investors page. Moreover, all environmental and ESG enthusiasts are welcome to follow this blog or our Linked In page.

Providing growth capital for ESG Impact

For those less familiar with Wave Equity Partners, we invest early growth capital in sustainability innovators solving the world’s greatest environmental challenges across clean energy, air, food, water, advanced materials and recycling. We generally partner with young companies demonstrating success and aim to nurture them on an accelerated path to exit. With repeatable go-to-market know-how and a track record of bringing strategic investors and partners together, our focus is the enablement of scalable growth and meaningful global ESG impact that great clean-tech innovations deserve.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our ESG and climate-tech focused firm and how we aim to drive environmental sustainability. It would be our sincerest pleasure to get know you and see how we can help invent a better world together!

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