Portfolio companies are deploying leading-edge and transformational technologies across GLOBAL markets and delivering on the tremendous potential for significant environmental and financial impact. WAVE portfolio companies recognize that sustainable success requires commitment, economic use of resources, smart adaptation, and winning collaborations.

AeroSafe Global has developed an innovative insulation material with a 10x performance increase to become a leading supplier of insulated shipping solutions. Customers, which include major pharmaceutical companies as well as food companies, use the product to store and ship biologics and perishable food products, reducing their cost and eliminating losses by preventing spoilage. This product is the cheapest source of ‘negawatts’. Ten standard-sized refrigerated warehouses fitted with this insulation will reduce GHG emissions equivalent to taking 3 million vehicles off the road.

CHASM has commercialized the world’s first platform for developing flexible and transparent IoT sensors, wearables, antennas, and 3D touch surfaces. The company addresses several multi-billion-dollar global markets. These include:

  • Transparent conducting films for displays, touch screens, and interactive windows
  • IoT sensors (pressure, flow, temperature, gas emissions), antennas, and signal boosters
  • Wearables (biometric sensors for live monitoring of health indicators, as well sports and entertainment), and
  • Water filtration membranes, energy storage materials, etc.

Billions of new IoT devices and transparent conducting films are deployed each year. CHASM makes these components more durable, unobtrusive, scalable and affordable.

Carbon Clean is a global leader in CO2 capture and industrial decarbonization. Its proprietary chemicals and smart factories drive the cost of carbon capture to the lowest levels at which carbon capture and recycling becomes a profitable activity. Captured CO2 is readily used in applications such as indoor farming, building materials, consumer products, and transportation fuel. Industrial emitters now have a profit incentive to maximize carbon capture rather than adhere to minimum policy mandates, and stimulate a global trillion-dollar negative carbon economy.

Gradiant has commercialized a versatile and cost-effective set of technologies to purify wastewater, especially those containing high concentrations of salt and other dissolved impurities. Their proprietary process avoids the use of chemicals or membranes, and is admirably flexible for recycling toxic water produced by industries such as oil and gas, power and mining. The company is developing and operating several commercial scale plants that reduce capital and operational costs and also conserve water.

Intellihot makes one of the world’s most efficient industrial water heaters that never runs out of hot water.  These systems are installed by large establishments like hotels, restaurants, high rise buildings, and multifamily residences. These tankless, natural gas heaters reduce capital, installation and energy costs by 40%, and offer smart features such as built-in modularity, self-cleaning, IoT connectivity, and industry’s longest durability. International hotel and retail chains have pre-approved and specified its products for system wide adoption.

Heatworks makes one of world’s most advanced and reliable electric water heaters for residential use. Its tankless units have no heating elements or moving parts, and offer industry-best 99% efficiency, zero scaling, maintenance free operation, longest product warranty, and WiFi-monitoring – all for a lower price. The product has been embraced by some of the largest retailers and installers including Lowe’s and Google Nest, and is also being deployed at multi-housing apartment buildings.

Living Greens Farm operates efficient and proprietary aeroponic farms, growing leafy crops such as lettuce, spinach, kale, microgreens, and herbs. Its farms use 98% less land, 95% less water than traditional farms, and completely eliminate pesticides, and herbicides. The fresher, tastier and more nutritious produce is sold at competitive prices through some of the largest grocers using existing distribution channels, a feat that no other hydroponic company has achieved due to their high costs. 

Factorial Energy (“Factorial”) has pioneered a new solid-state electrolyte material battery technology, FEST™ (Factorial Electrolyte System Technology™). Factorial will bring a more powerful battery product with longer range and higher degree of safety to the global electric vehicle (EV) market.

Micatu is a next-generation optical sensing solution provider for the measurement of voltage, current, vibration and temperature for the advanced electrical grid of the future. Its solutions provide the highest data fidelity, accuracy, precision and next level harmonics measurements. Micatu’s Gridview utility platform solution enables lower-cost deployments, maximizes the integration of renewable energy and data awareness for grid resilience. Its Gridview products are currently deployed with major utilities in the US and Europe. A customer attests, “Through their technology, Micatu is fundamentally changing the way the world senses with light.”

WindESCo drives annual energy production gains for wind turbine owners, operators and investors by monitoring and analyzing high-resolution wind turbine data through patented algorithms. They find and fix anomalies in Yaw Alignment, Pitch Optimization and Wake Steering through hardware and controller modifications, measuring AEP improvements to deliver revenue gains. Their independent outlook improves the revenue position of customers, paying for itself within 12 months. WindESCo’s software service is built on wind turbine expertise and first-hand understanding of complex wind dynamics, turbine controls and wind loads, bridging the gap between the AEP improvements wind operators expect, and the service agreements signed with their OEMs.

Novolyze empowers food & beverage companies to enhance food safety & quality performance and compliance in a rapidly changing environment. We offer application-driven, tech-enabled solutions to activate a groundbreaking, holistic approach to food safety and quality. We leverage the power of IoT and cloud-computing to unify food safety and quality data, transform them into actionable insights, and enable real-time decision-making.

Green Conversion Systems (“GCS”) sourced widely used European waste processing technologies to develop and manage energy-from-waste facilities in North America. The business aimed to fill a challenging situation; China was reducing import of US municipal waste and the cost of landfilling was skyrocketing. However, continuing regulatory and pricing uncertainties led the company to exit the business in 2020 and sell its territory licenses to another regional developer.