Investment Style

As a deliberate policy, WAVE avoids large investor syndicates and seeks equity ownership of 20-40%, not majority control. This has two benefits. One, we can selectively invite value-add and strategic co-investors. Two, we can follow a hands-on approach to shape business strategy, executive hiring, financing, governance, and IP management for optimal results.


Our core operating principles are:

  • Selectivity: Pick a few innovative companies that are capable of competing with established legacy companies

  • Risk Control: Minimize risks associated with technology, capital, markets, and public policy

  • Opportunity: Prioritize solutions that are solving the most urgent problems and creating the highest impact

  • Value-add: Add meaningful value at each stage through active participation and influential ownership

  • Trust and Collaboration: Ensure complete alignment of values and goals before making an investment decision

  • Global Partnerships: Seek industrial and financial partners who provide tangible value to the portfolio companies