Chip Schroder

Director Emeritus

Chip has over 35 years of experience in the energy industry including renewable energy sectors such as wind, storage and biofuel. Chip has a distinguished career in the energy industry. He has been involved in policy making at the federal government, project financing at Goldman Sachs, international energy development at AES, and business formation at Proton Energy. At AES, an independent power company, he formed the natural gas division which eventually became its largest business division. He also founded and led Proton Energy, a fuel cell company that reached a billion dollar valuation after a successful IPO. He brings valuable perspectives on applying discipline to the process of product development, and on forging creative options for infrastructure financing. He is a member of WAVE’s Investment Committee.

Prior to joining WAVE, Chip worked closely with the Morgan Stanley to identify and evaluate attractive investment opportunities in the renewable energy sector. After assisting some wind energy assets, he co-founded Green Conversion Systems LLC, a waste-to-energy company with funding from Morgan Stanley to develop power projects utilizing municipal solid waste. He has also been involved in large-scale energy-related M&A transactions and project financings valued at over $10 billion. As a banker for Goldman Sachs & Co and The First Boston Corporation he has participated in over 20 project financings. Chip was also the founder, President and Director of Proton Energy Systems and guided the company to a successful raise of $150 million in an IPO. Other positions held by Chip include President of AES/SONAT Power, a division of AES, and Vice President of Corporate Development for MidCon Corp. He began his career in Washington, D.C. serving first as Chief Energy Analyst for the Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee of the House of Representatives and then as Director of Regulatory Analysis at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Chip has both an undergraduate and a masters degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has been a member of numerous community and industry boards.

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