Essential markets – food, energy, water, and resources – present a compelling opportunity to hedge against inflation and generate long-term profits.  We believe in maintaining a small and selective portfolio of high conviction companies, ensuring that each company receives our undivided attention.

Impact on the Markets

We look for business models that are acceptable, affordable and financeable TODAY. Our investments are creating new sectors of employment, improving energy-water-food infrastructure, and reducing waste – all without public subsidies. Since they alter the fundamental economics of businesses, their influences are broad and immediate.

Impact on the Environment

Positive impact on the environment is a natural by-product of WAVE’s investment activity.  Every portfolio company reduces resource consumption and enhances efficiency and contributes to a more sustainable environment.  For example, 25 waste-to-energy facilities by our portfolio company GCS would destroy 9M tons of waste annually, recycle 2M tons, avoid the mining of 3M tons of coal, and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to taking 2.5 million vehicles off the road.

Impact on the Investors

A combination of factors assure high investment returns. The large and growing markets have pervasive demand for more efficient technologies. The portfolio companies fulfill those demands by monetizing proven business models that are highly capital efficient. Furthermore, the Fund’s investment strategy lowers operating risk and leverages global demand to generate multiple pathways for favorable investment returns.