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Our Team & Advisors

Our mission to maximize return for investors, growth for portfolio companies and impact for all would be impossible to fulfill without our highly dedicated and experienced team.  Composed of core members, strategic advisors and operating partners, the WAVE team is here to support both innovators and investors.

Our Team

Praveen Sahay

Founder & Managing Director

Mark Robinson

Founder & Managing Director

Haskell Crocker

Founder & Managing Director

Bob Wolfe


Begoña Iriso

Investment Associate

Kathrine Kowalik

Director, Investor Relations

Charles Bonsu

Investment Analyst

Lynette Montejo


Kayla Cadigan

Fund Accountant

Matt Polimeno

Operating Partner

Sarthak Tripathi

Operating Consultant

Julie DeLuca

Office Manager

Thomas Massie

Sr. Operating Partner

Walter (Chip) Schroeder

Director Emeritus

Rebecca Ranich

Independent Board Member

Patrick Solomon

Independent Consultant

Bob Roeper

Director Emeritus

Joe Taylor

Independent Board Member

For Investment Inquiries, Reach Out to Our Team Today

Whether you’re an innovator seeking investment or a potential partner, we’re ready to support you. Reach out to the experienced WAVE Equity Partners team by calling us at 617-350-9808 or sending us a message.