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The Autonomous Driving Industry is Convulsing

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The autonomous driving industry is supposed to a $126.8 billion business in 2027 according to a Research and Markets report. If you believe the media cheerleaders, all is well and good with the industry. However, as you can see from the list of recent accidents at the bottom of...


Pledge Of Stewardship

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In recent months, the private equity industry has been convulsed with accusations of discriminatory and exploitative behaviour. I’m really proud that the Kaufman Fellows, who are in a unique position to shape conversations on the industry’s code of conduct, have authored a Pledge that has been embraced by many Fellows and their firms. All partners at...


ESG Policy

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The secular rise in global incomes, population and consumption are creating intense pressures on ecosystems around the world. The effect is felt not only in environmental degradation, but also in rising economic hardship and social suffering for some of the poorest and vulnerable communities, especially...


Tech Leaders are Cluttering Our Lives

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Technology is increasingly cluttering our lives. This is the business model of the greatest tech leaders –offer clutter (another name for ‘engagement’) in exchange for freemiums. Clutter used to be easy to see and live with when it was outside our homes. Now, it is invading our personal spaces in family rooms and bedrooms, in our workplaces and work...


Tesla and the Transformation of Electric Cars

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Tesla garners as much media attention as do the Big Five of the digital economy—Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook. Tesla’s valuation now exceeds those of major U.S. automakers, and is now positioned to compete in the highly contested category of mid-to-upper priced vehicles. But the resurgence of electric vehicles (EVs) is not just an American...

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