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Breaking Barriers in Energy Generation: Vattenfall and MayMaan Team Up to Achieve Bold Goals for a Fossil Free Future


MayMaan and Vattenfall’s exciting new collaboration marks a significant step toward a clean energy future.

MayMaan, a leading technology innovator, and Vattenfall, one of Europe’s largest energy companies, have announced a new partnership aimed at accelerating their goal for a green and sustainable future. The agreement was signed at PowerGen23, a major trade show for companies involved in power generation, underscoring the importance of this union to the industry.

MayMaan, has a strong track record of developing game-changing solutions for renewable and clean energy. One such solution is their range of generators that run on a fuel that consists of 70% water and 30% bio-alcohol. This innovative technology not only reduces carbon emissions and NOx, but also offers a clean energy alternative to traditional fossil fuels. This will accelerate fossil free solutions for automotive, maritime, construction, and other industries that require prime or backup power generation.

By sharing a common goal of preserving the environment and pursuing innovation, the partnership between MayMaan and Vattenfall is a momentous leap towards a cleaner, more eco-friendly future.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Vattenfall on this ambitious goal of achieving fossil-free energy generation. This alliance is an important step toward realizing our shared vision of a greener future powered by renewable and clean energy” said MayMaan CEO Doron Shmueli. “We believe that by combining our expertise and resources, we can help mitigate the effects of climate change and have a lasting global impact ” said MayMaan President Eitan Shmueli.

Vattenfall, an integrated energy company focused on its numerous customers throughout Europe, is committed to reducing Greenhouse gas emissions, and driving the transition to fossil freedom. Vattenfall has a long history of research and development and verifying new and impactful technologies. The introduction and implementation of these technologies ensures a reduction of emissions for their customers and suppliers.

“MayMaan’s revolutionary technology is immediately available to car engine manufacturers and generator builders, this will help us accelerate our mission to be fossil free in one generation” according to Nardi Polak, Vattenfall’s Head of Supplier Innovation.

Vattenfall and MayMaan bring complementary expertise and resources to the table. By working collaboratively, they can accelerate the transition to a decarbonized energy future and help mitigate the environmental impact of traditional energy sources via clean renewable energy options. In addition, power generators with MayMaan’s technology produce no NOx emissions and therefore could immediately solve the impasse created by the strict objectives on NOx reduction in The Netherlands.

This strategic partnership exemplifies how businesses can work together to effect meaningful change and create a better future for all. As the world faces increasing environmental challenges, cooperation like this will be critical in assisting in the creation of a more environmentally sound and resilient world for future generations.

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