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CHASM Announces Major Production Expansion of AgeNT Transparent Antenna Solutions

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Production capacity now exceeds 10 million transparent antennas annually, a significant milestone in global production growth since market introduction just one year ago. CHASM will highlight continuing innovation to meet global demand at MWC 2024 in Barcelona.

CHASM Press Release, CANTON, Mass., Feb. 15, 2024 — CHASM Advanced Materials, a pioneer in carbon nanotube material solutions, has announced a major scale-up in the production of customized transparent antennas based on its AgeNT® transparent antenna technology, following successful market introduction last year. This expansion is in response to growing global demand and CHASM’s commitment to innovation in connectivity technologies. The company will make the announcement at the MWC Barcelona 2024 exhibition (Hall 1, Booth 1C84), the world’s largest connectivity event, Feb. 26-29 in Barcelona, Spain.

“Our aim is not just to meet the current demand but to anticipate future connectivity needs where antenna transparency offers significant aesthetic, performance, and cost advantages,” said Dave Arthur, CEO and Co-founder of CHASM. The company’s annual production capacity now exceeds 10 million antennas. CHASM is strategically positioned to meet future demand as it adds more fabricators to its network.

The production expansion is bolstered by CHASM’s strategic partnership with Kundisch/Phoenix Mecano, a leader in precision fabrication of printed electronics devices. This collaboration ensures that the increased output maintains the quality and efficiency that CHASM is known for as a leader in transparent antenna technology.

The AgeNT® transparent antenna solution, utilizing cutting-edge carbon nanotube/copper micromesh technology, offers efficacy on par with low-loss, ceramic PCB-based antenna options. Its over 90% optical transparency combined with high performance redefines wireless communication, blending seamlessly into various applications. From enhancing security systems in homes and businesses with unobtrusive antenna installations directly on camera lenses to revolutionizing augmented reality glasses with sleek “view-through” design, AgeNT® transparent antenna solutions are setting new standards in integrated technology.

In the realm of e-mobility, transparent antennas based on AgeNT® technology are advancing connectivity in cars with Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) connectivity. They are also pivotal in public safety and covert law enforcement vehicles, where discreet, reliable communication is essential and “peel-and-stick” window antennas offer a cost-effective approach to connectivity upgrades.

In smart city infrastructures, transparent antennas based on AgeNT® technology play a crucial role in developing smarter solutions, such as for smart parking meters, where the transparent antenna is integrated into the display delivering both line-of-sight performance advantages and enhanced privacy. Their ability to blend into the environment while providing robust personal-use connectivity is pivotal for these applications.

Along with its commitment to expand manufacturing for current AgeNT® transparent antenna solutions, CHASM is actively engaged in research and development initiatives to support growing interest in enhanced multi-layer and phased array transparent antenna solutions for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), Small cell networks, and satellite communications. These initiatives represent CHASM’s dedication to working with antenna and product designers on diverse connectivity challenges in both urban and rural settings.

About CHASM Advanced Materials

CHASM’s mission is to develop and manufacture advanced carbon nano materials, leveraging our innovative product platforms to create a safer, more connected and sustainable world. The company’s patented carbon nanotube (CNT) manufacturing platform combined with its unique ability to integrate CNTs into product solutions is unleashing the power of nanotechnology.

Central to CHASM’s innovation is their new CNT production platform, acclaimed for being the most scalable, cost-efficient, and sustainable method for the mass production of high-quality CNT additives. This breakthrough is powered by proprietary catalysts and rotary kiln reactors for CNT synthesis, offering a production efficiency five times greater than the traditional fluidized bed reactors prevalent among leading CNT producers.

Innovations powered by CHASM include universal transparent ADAS heaters for safer driving, transparent antennas for smarter cities, conductive additives for EV batteries, and cement additives for greener (lower carbon footprint) concrete.

CHASM’s headquarters and application development center is located in Canton, Mass. and its CNT manufacturing and R&D Center is based in Norman, Okla. 

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