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Congratulations to @WindESCo on the launch of Pulse!


WindESCo Launches ‘Pulse’: The first end-to-end solution addressing performance and asset health across 12 turbine subsystems

Originally published on, Apr 08, 2024, 14:21 ET

BURLINGTON, Mass., April 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — WindESCo, a leading wind energy analytics company, is excited to introduce Pulse as the latest addition to our product offering. Pulse is an AI and machine learning-empowered solution that significantly expands asset health solutions in addition to the performance optimizations throughout the entire life cycle of wind assets.

Pulse is specifically designed to be the platform to provide a comprehensive view of wind turbine asset health and performance optimization opportunities, in particular, focusing on the electrical subsystems alongside the mechanical ones. This innovative solution brings much-needed visibility to subsystems that were previously considered “black boxes”, such as converters, and addresses subsystems lacking reliable solutions today, such as pitch bearings.

In addition to its advanced analytics capabilities, WindESCo has revamped the portal to enhance user experiences, making it seamless to review insights and take & track necessary actions. WindESCo is confident that our expanded offering will empower our customers to unlock the full value of their data and maximize the potential of their assets.

According to Mo Dua, CEO of WindESCo, “The wind industry is going through a challenging time. With supply chain issues and OEMs reducing risk in O&M contracts, it is becoming more important to predict failures accurately in advance, to limit availability impact. This is the value Pulse brings across both the mechanical and electrical subsystems.”

Daniel Gerber, SVP, Global Product Group Renewables ABB Motion, System Drives says, “We believe that the industry is missing an end-to-end solution monitoring both the electrical and mechanical subsystems. Our team is working hard along with WindESCo to integrate electrical system analytics into Pulse. We believe Pulse will make a meaningful impact on the industry by solving difficult issues affecting project output and operating expenses.”

About WindESCo
With projects in over 19 countries, WindESCo is the leading wind energy analytics company that provides best-in-class solutions for asset health & asset performance optimization across the entire wind asset lifecycle. Our AI-enabled solution provides visibility and actionable insights to reduce failure rate and related unplanned & planned down time on over 50 different turbine models.

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