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Investing in Those Who

Invent a Better World

Clean energy, air, food, water, advanced materials and recycling are critical to the health and sustainability of our planet. At Wave Equity Partners, we target investments in generational companies delivering innovative, hard-tech solutions to these unique challenges.

Together, we work to promote meaningful environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact at scale for generations to come.

Our Portfolio Companies

Deliver True ESG Impact

We believe that which is not profitable is not sustainable. An investment is only profitable and sustainable if it generates a strong ESG impact while setting new standards in cost efficiency.

Our portfolio companies’ solutions aim to enhance both industrial efficiency and resource productivity to improve existing processes or products while still being accessible to all.

Portfolio companies deliver multi-dimensional impact in key areas:

  • Conserving energy, water and other natural resources
  • Creating new job opportunities in rural communities with low to moderate incomes
  • Reducing pollution and waste while promoting the recycling of natural resources
  • Providing advocacy for women and minorities
  • Promoting ESG dialog and ethics through community, school, industry and civic engagements


Accelerating Impact 2021 Report

Learn more about our global impact by requesting our Accelerating Impact 2021 Report.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

True global impact goes far beyond environmental factors. In our mission to Aim Higher, Wave is dedicated to doing what it takes to further diversity, equity and inclusion for all. Our portfolio companies are doing so in many ways.

For example, these companies are providing advocacy for women and other typically underrepresented classes. They’re creating job opportunities for these individuals who often live in rural communities and other areas with low to moderate incomes.

At Wave, we support our portfolio companies through DEI training and other initiatives. Together, we’re working to truly impact the world as a whole, including all of the unique people that call it home.

Learn More About Our Impact

Our goal is simple: to combine our portfolio companies’ hard-tech innovations with our know-how to make an impact on the world. Seeking investment? Want to invest? Learn more about our impact and how you can get involved by calling us at 617-350-9808 or sending us a message