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Gradiant Corporation Establishes Indian Subsidiary

GRADIANT CORPORATION, A leader in innovative solutions for industrial wastewater treatment and desalination, has announced the establishment of its Indian subsidiary following the successful commercialization of products in the region. The division, called Gradiant India Pvt. Ltd., will provide zero liquid discharge (ZLD) and water footprint reduction solutions for textile processors, dye stuff manufactures, pharmaceutical companies, and other industrial facilities.

Gradiant India will provide local leadership, sales and service personnel, while product development and engineering support will remain within the parent, Gradiant Corporation. Leading the local team as managing director will be Ravi Selvaraj. He has more than 30 years of experience in water and wastewater treatment having worked at major corporations in India and the Asia Pacific Region.

“With ZLD requirements in place for wastewater producers across India, innovative solutions have gained in popularity as facilities throughout the country seek cost-effective options,” said Selvaraj. “We are excited to help solve these issues using Gradiant’s technologies, which reduce the life-cycle cost to treat and recover water for many industries.”

Gradiant Corporation began commercialization efforts in India in 2017 providing end-to-end water solutions, including its flagship humidification-dehumidification system known as Carrier Gas Extraction (CGE). This evaporator alternative, which mimics nature’s rain cycle to reduce the cost of treatment while increasing reliability, is designed to transform the most challenging industrial waste streams into valuable water resources. Most recently, the technology was selected over conventional evaporative technologies for textile manufacturing wastewater treatment in Tamil Nadu based on life-cycle cost and simplicity of operation.

“We are proud to partner with customers in India to treat complex industrial wastewaters in an increasingly stringent regulatory environment,” stated Anurag Bajpayee, CEO of Gradiant Corporation. “Our recent success in this market was a major catalyst in our decision to invest more in our growth by following a similar model as our oilfield services subsidiary”, he concludes.

Gradiant Corporation has invested in the establishment of Gradiant India and will finalize an initial round of funding with local and strategic partners in May 2018.

Express Water Exclusive

Mayur Sharma interacted with the Gradiant team (Anurag Bajpayee, CEO and Prakash Govindan, CTO – Gradiant Corporation; and Ravi Selvaraj, MD – Gradiant India) about the establishment of their Indian subsidiary.

Can you first give our readers a primer on your product portfolio?

Gradiant Team:

Gradiant offers a broad portfolio of solutions for water reuse and zero liquid discharge (ZLD). Our flagship product, which was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is an evaporator-alternative called Carrier Gas Extraction (CGE). The system employs humidification-dehumidification to reduce the total cost to recover high salinity feeds. This breakthrough technology mimics nature’s hydrologic cycle, much like how a cloud is formed and releases fresh water back to earth, eliminating many of the concerns associated with thermal evaporators while increasing overall reliability.
Gradiant also offers permanent and mobile clarification units, called Selective Chemical Extraction (SCE), designed to remove solids, grease, heavy metals and harmful contaminants. Additional technologies for biological treatment, disinfection, desalination, and crystallization are incorporated into full solutions as per application and customer need.

How do you see the growth prospects of Grandiant’s business in the coming year?

Gradiant Team:

There is significant opportunity for ZLD due to increasingly stringent regulations for industrial discharge. Gradiant offers solutions that are simple to operate and achieve a lower total cost of ownership in comparison to conventional technologies. In addition, there is a general shortage of fresh water in many locations, driving higher cost of this resource. Combined, regulations and increased cost for fresh water have resulted in a greater focus on the use of alternative resources and to reduce water footprint. These dynamics created an opportunity for Gradaint to bring its technologically advanced solutions to the Indian marketplace.

What markets do you see most important in the coming years for Gradiant, and why?

Gradiant Team:

The initial markets for Gradiant’s ZLD and water reuse solutions are textile processing, pharmaceuticals and primary metals. Projects in these industries are often similar scale and have similar requirements for discharge. We are also participating in wastewater treatment projects in the food and beverage industry. This industry is increasingly focused on reducing their water footprint.

Please tell us in brief about your recent successful international projects.

Gradiant Team:

GES operates dozens of mobile assets treating produced water in the Permian Basin. Gradiant has also commissioned the CGE system for coal-fired power flue gas desulfurization wastewater treatment in China. In total, Gradiant has treated more than 5 billion gallons of industrial wastewater.

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