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intelligent fluids® secures €10m growth financing for a global success story of green chemistry


Leipzig, March 15nd, 2023 – intelligent fluids®, a multiple award-winning German DeepTech scale-up company, replaces aggressive solvents in industries worldwide with its unique green cleaning agents. With the support of WAVE Equity Partners, a US-based private equity fund, the Company has closed a €10m Series A Preferred Financing round to support intelligent fluids‘® sustainable innovation’s global growth.
intelligent fluids® will use the funds to directly address volume markets such as maintenance, microelectronics, oil & gas, and B2C with a strengthened team, establish sales structures, and invest in expanding production and laboratories. Simultaneously, international manufacturing and sales companies will be launched gradually throughout Europe, the USA, India, MENA, and Taiwan as the primary target markets.

Post-Solvent Era: Industrial Cleaning Agent Revolution
Traditional industrial cleaning agents are mostly harmful hardcore chemicals, while green cleaning agents from existing providers compromise on performance. intelligent fluids® has proven that performance and sustainability are no longer contradictory, even in challenging cleaning applications. The young DeepTech company is the Winner of the Global Green Product Award 2021 and the European Business Hero Award for Sustainability 2022, among others.

Conventional solvents are aggressive, toxic, hazardous to health, and highly flammable. To counteract these disadvantages, the intelligent fluids® team researches and designs powerful green solutions at the company headquarters in Leipzig. Their water-based fluids, as a substitute for solvents, ensure a significant reduction in CO² emissions, energy costs, and material savings in industrial cleaning processes.
intelligent fluids® leads to a new era in industrial cleaning and decoating agents. The innovation is based on a patented technology that combines gentle ingredients into highly dynamic, physically effective fluids. This groundbreaking technology makes it possible to manufacture ecologically and economically outstanding products that generate a symbiosis of sustainability and performance. Whereby intelligent fluids® helps companies reach their 2050 net-zero targets and supports them in ten out of the seventeen sustainability goals of the United Nations.

Intelligent fluids® is considered a pioneer in the chemical industry.

Intelligent fluids® aims to share its ecological standards with as many others as possible, developing unique products and motivating companies to change.

Christian Römlein, CEO of intelligent fluids®, said:
“The relevant investment by the US sustainability private equity fund, WAVE Equity Partners, is not only a recognition of our technology but also enables us to provide targeted and direct support to industrial customers and to supply large quantities worldwide through local production facilities. We are pleased about the exemplary foresightedness of WAVE Equity Partners and their motivation to make a decisive contribution together towards having an impact on the environment and helping companies get aligned with the sustainability goals of the United Nations.”

Praveen Sahay, Founder & Managing Director of WAVE Equity Partners, said:
“We take pride in finding hidden gems – pioneering innovations often overlooked by mainstream investors. We are thrilled to have added a pearl of German engineering to our portfolio with intelligent fluids®, which will accelerate our journey to a sustainable planet. The company has our deep ongoing support to spread their innovations through global markets over the next few years. Their growth will yield immediate and tangible benefits to the financial and ESG balance sheets of users worldwide.”

In addition to WAVE Equity Partners, the existing institutional investors from Germany, IBG Sachsen-Anhalt, and the high-tech start-up fund HTGF have also increased their commitments. Advisory Board Chairman Armin Eiche from the private investor ARMATO is convinced “that intelligent fluids® has set a valuable milestone with the US partnership. “

About intelligent fluids® GmbH

intelligent fluids® is a German DeepTech company from Leipzig and Leuna, whose green chemistry replaces aggressive and toxic solvents in industrial cleaning. The highest possible performance meets the most increased attainable sustainability. Significant reductions in CO2 emissions, energy costs, and material usage improve the ESG balances of maintenance customers in cleaning intense industries such as microelectronics, oil & gas, and printing.

intelligent fluids® is a member of the BVMW and the UN Global Compact and intrinsically supports ten sustainability goals of the United Nations with its globally patented technology. The company is certified by ISO 9001 and 14001. Awarded as “Company of the Year 2022”, “Business Hero Award for Sustainability 2022”, Global Green Product Award 2021”, “Global HERAEUS Accelerator Award 2021”, “Global NOURYON Imagine Chemistry Award 2019 ”, EURONEXT “TechShare Participant 2020” and “BTC-TV Blockchain Winner Award 2019”.