Intellihot Implements $15/Hour Minimum Wage for Hourly Employees



In a company-wide town hall meeting last week, Intellihot announced it is raising the company’s minimum wage to $15/hour. By taking this action, Intellihot ensures its standing as one of the best-paid organizations in the region. Along with fairly compensating current employees for their stellar contribution to the company’s ongoing growth and expansion, this pay structure change is also designed to help attract the best, most talented candidates for hire.

Years ahead of the State of Illinois’ mandate for a $15 minimum wage effective Jan. 1, 2025, Intellihot believes raising the company’s minimum wage now is the right thing to do for the company, the community, and for employees, especially in this time of rapid growth as the company pioneers new technologies and increases sales.

“We believe the breakthroughs and technological advancements in energy and sustainability to meet the 2030 climate challenge will need advanced manufacturing. Our move to attract and retain a skilled workforce starts with the first step of a $15 minimum wage,” said Sridhar Deivasigamani, Intellihot CEO and founder.