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How Wave Equity Partners

Supports You in Your Growth

Invest in those who invent a better world. That’s our goal and the driving force behind our dedication to helping you grow. We invest in generational companies delivering innovative, hard-tech solutions that solve our world’s greatest environmental challenges. And we do so with so much more than capital.

Our selective portfolio enables us to support disruptive innovators from funding to exit. It’s through our know-how, proprietary playbook, and dedication to improving our planet that we invest in, build, and scale proven breakthrough innovations for global impact.

We’re Selective When

Building Our Portfolio

Because we strive for the best portfolio, not the biggest, we’re able to apply more resources to drive the success of your business. Working as hard as you, our approach begins by using our repeatable playbook and know-how to accelerate product development, marketing, sales and when appropriate, intellectual property.

Full Roadmap Development

from Funding to Exit

To ensure your company achieves the growth it deserves, we develop a full roadmap from funding to exit.

  • Executive team build-out: When appropriate, we can assist in strengthening your executive team and provide mentorship for any skills that may be lacking. However, we’re not here to overhaul your team or processeswe’re here to support you.
  • Go-to-market strategy: We work alongside you to refine the business model and build systems for sales, distribution, and customer service.
  • Production scale-up: We help foster efficiency, agility, and quality in the production process. As a result, we help your company reduce overall costs.
  • IP and product roadmap: By considering multi-faceted innovations, we map out future development and enhancements to existing IP. As a result, our companies tend to be leaps and bounds ahead of anyone else in their space.
  • Exit strategy and path: From day one, we help you align your resources by setting realistic exit timelines and determining pathways.

Ready to Grow?

Are you an innovator looking for capital and support as you scale? Our expert investment team is here to help. To learn more about our approach or to discuss our investment offerings, give us a call at 617-350-9808 or send us a message