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Special Advisor

Dr. Joseph Stanislaw

Dr. Joseph (Joe) Stanislaw is an acclaimed advisor within the global energy market. He has been a profit oriented progressive and caring advocate for energy accessibility and sustainability for over 40 years. 

Joe is the Founder of the JAStanislaw Group, LLC, an advisory firm specializing in strategic thinking, sustainability and investment in energy and related technologies. He also co-founded Cambridge Energy Research Associates in 1983 and ultimately served as the firm’s CEO. Additionally, Joe is a respected author, adjunct professor and held the position of Independent Senior Advisor for Energy and Sustainability at Deloitte.

As one of the most thoughtful and trusted voices in the industry, Wave is proud to have Joe’s support. He plays key roles in helping Wave to align our strategic vision with portfolio companies and in company execution with an eye toward global trends. As a result, we are better positioned to achieve the goals of investors and portfolio companies. 

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