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Founder & Managing Director

Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson has over 28 years of investing and energy industry experience. For the past 10 years, Mark has led investments in sustainability focused hard-tech solutions as a Founder and Managing Director at Wave Equity Partners.

An industry veteran, Mark is regarded as a trusted professional and thoughtful collaborator. Mark’s key responsibilities include building teams at WAVE and the companies we invest in. The passion and entrepreneurial spirit that move Mark forward helps inspire others to achieve their goals.

Prior to founding Wave, Mark was a Managing Director at VIMAC Ventures where he invested in IT startups. Before that, he was a senior member of a new management team that was integral in turning around Dynapower/Stratopower (a division of General Signal).  Mark’s background has led him to be an expert in developing business models, identifying talent and sourcing high-caliber (complementary) leadership.