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WindESCo and Deloitte sign agreement for wind energy market in Spain


WindESCo has signed a distribution agreement with Deloitte to expand WindESCo’s offerings to wind assets in Spain. Deloitte will be bringing WindESCO’s two SaaS offerings – Find, Fix, Measure and SwarmT to its existing and new clients in the region.

WindESCo Swarm is a patented solution for autonomous, cooperative control of wind assets. The system enables turbines to cooperatively adjust positioning to mitigate wake effects and increase production for the entire farm, as well as monitor for issues such as rotor imbalance, and build resiliency for farms in a climate that is ever changing.

WindESCo’s Find, Fix, Measure uses high resolution SCADA, rather than standard 10-minute SCADA, to detect over 60 known issues that contribute to decreases in energy production. Find, Fix, Measure continuously monitors for these issues and can alert asset managers through its portal.