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Investing in those who invent

A Better WORLD

Investing In & Scaling Proven Sustainability Innovations

for Global Impact

Wave Equity Partners and our inspiring portfolio companies Aim Higher. As an impact investing firm, our relentless focus is investing in those who invent a better world.

With demonstrated know-how and a hands-on approach, we aim to solve our greatest environmental challenges on a global scale. We do so by seeking investments in hard-tech sustainability innovators that offer environmentally superior products that change the world.

Sustainability Innovators

Changing the World

As a founder or CEO, you know your cleantech innovation has the potential to make a global impact. Your clean energy, water, air, food or recycling products generate a strong environmental impact while setting unheard-of cost-efficiency standards. Now, because of your hard work, you’re at the inflection point of radical growth.

To scale your innovation, you need more than capital. You need an investment firm you can trust that offers impactful strategies, expert mentoring, broad industry networks and collaborative leadership to maximize your growth. Wave Equity Partners is proud to be your partner in changing the world.

Expert Guidance

From Initial Funding to Exit

Wave Equity Partners assists you in developing a full roadmap from funding to exit, including go-to-market strategy, IP management, production scale-up and exit strategy.

With significant industrial, operational and investing experience, we merge our proprietary process with our go-to-market know-how to accelerate your growth while reducing risk. By selecting only a limited number of portfolio companies to support, we’re able to work as hard as you do to achieve success.

Investors Seeking


As an investor in the cleantech space, while top decile returns are critical, so is your desire to invest in breakthrough companies making global environmental impact.

At Wave Equity Partners, we seek generational sustainability innovators and pair them with the right resources and our proprietary playbook to maximize growth, return and impact.

To achieve these objectives Wave’s portfolio companies are proud to consider industry leaders like Chevron, Coca-Cola, Hyundai, Merck and Marriott as investors, customers and partners.

We don’t seek the largest portfolio. Instead, we’re selective, enabling us to truly support our innovators in scaling their execution capabilities. As a result, our portfolio companies can grow faster with less risk.

Reach Out to Our Team to Learn More

Whether you’re a cleantech innovator seeking investment, a potential partner or investor, we’re here to support you. Reach out to the Wave Equity Partners team by calling us at 617-350-9808 or sending us a message.