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Accelerate Global Impact

by Partnering With Wave Equity Partners

You’ve worked tirelessly, diligently applying your heart, soul and years of training to your sustainability innovation. Now your greatest aspiration is to see your hard-tech breakthrough make a true impact on the world. To do so, you need access to capital and proven expertise. Unfortunately, this can be incredibly frustrating.

Private equity firms don’t typically invest in companies at the early stages of growth. Venture capitalists tend to focus on software companies rather than hard-tech companies. So, where can you turn? Wave Equity Partners.

Capital & Support for Disruptive Innovators Changing the World

At Wave Equity Partners, we provide the capital and experience you require to scale your innovation across global markets. We use our expertise to select the most promising and disruptive sustainability innovators who are at the inflection point of growth, delivering capital and expertise to maximize growth, return, and impact.

Our Portfolio Companies Are Making a True ESG Impact

We invest in companies that have a current product that has begun to generate revenue. These products are not only greener but cheaper, improving accessibility for all. As a result, our portfolio companies are making meaningful environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts at scale.

For example, these companies are producing innovative ways to conserve water, reduce pollution, provide good jobs, and promote ESG ethics.

Our Rapid Growth Approach: Delivering More Than Capital

Our team of experts takes a hands-on approach to growth. Through years of experience, we’ve created a proprietary playbook that has proven valuable.

We don’t seek the largest portfolio. Instead, we’re selective in who we choose to invest in. This means we work as hard as you to provide real support as you scale, enabling you to grow faster with less risk.

Delivering Long-Term Partnerships

For success, you need more than capital. We build a long-term partnership with you. Through our hands-on approach, we help you shape your business strategy and deliver expertise on everything from executive hiring and financing to governance and IP management.

No Majority Control

We also refuse to take majority control of your business. Instead, we seek an equity position of 20-40%. This enables us to partner with you and deliver our hands-on investment method while also inviting strategic co-investors.

Complete Our Business Plan & Pitch Deck Submission Form

You’re ready to scale and truly make the impact your sustainable hard-tech product is destined to. Wave is ready to support you. If you would like to learn more about a potential investment, send us your business plan or pitch deck today.