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Rebrand Demonstrates Commitment to ESG Impact, Climate-Tech and Environmental Sustainability


Thoughtful person committed to ESG, climate-tech and environmental sustainability

Wave Equity Partners is thrilled to roll out its new brand to our growing community of entrepreneurs, investors and environmental sustainability enthusiasts. Our world is at a time of change akin to the Industrial Revolution with even deeper impact. Nations are waking up to the fact that our earth’s resources are finite and in peril due to climate change. Consumers are increasingly demonstrating their preference for sustainable goods and services while businesses respond with products that reflect those preferences. Fortunately, technological advancements across ESG and climate-tech sectors are making it possible for communities to thrive on mostly renewable energy. We are proud to work alongside inspiring portfolio companies seeking to lead the transition to clean energy and a better world.

Commitment to climate-tech and sustainability

Our new logo represents a planet of equality rising from waves of change. The blue-green color represents the balance of our shared on-land environment and the water that covers two-thirds of the planet. In short, Wave’s rebrand is a doubling down of our commitment to investing in sustainability, climate-tech and those who invent a better world.

During a recent 12 month period, Wave’s portfolio companies abated 2.9 million Tons of C02 and treated 8.8 Giglaiters of water. These milestones were achieved working with industry leaders like Marriott, Pfizer and Hyundai. Together these clean-tech and industry leaders are driving the transition to a cleaner future. Wave is so pleased to be a part of this increasingly important journey. We would greatly appreciate it if you chose to join us. If you’re a Sustainability Innovator with a clean-tech breakthrough, we’d love to hear about it. You can learn more about how we can help your company grow on Our Approach web page. If you’re an investor who might like to hear more about Wave and our companies, we invite you to visit our Investors page. Moreover, all environmental and ESG enthusiasts are welcome to follow this blog or our Linked In page.

Providing growth capital for ESG Impact

For those less familiar with Wave Equity Partners, we invest early growth capital in sustainability innovators solving the world’s greatest environmental challenges across clean energy, air, food, water, advanced materials and recycling. We generally partner with young companies demonstrating success and aim to nurture them on an accelerated path to exit. With repeatable go-to-market know-how and a track record of bringing strategic investors and partners together, our focus is the enablement of scalable growth and meaningful global ESG impact that great clean-tech innovations deserve.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our ESG and climate-tech focused firm and how we aim to drive environmental sustainability. It would be our sincerest pleasure to get know you and see how we can help invent a better world together!

This website does not constitute, or form part of, an offer to purchase or issue interests in the Fund or any security or investment product. Any such offer or solicitation will only be made only pursuant to a Confidential Private Placement Memorandum (together with any supplements thereto, the “Memorandum”) and the relevant subscription documents, which will be furnished to qualified investors on a confidential basis at their request for their consideration in connection with the offering.



WindESCo is a provider of wind turbine optimization systems intended to ensure that every wind turbine is optimized for maximum energy. The company’s systems maximize assets’ performance, energy production, and reliability to ultimately discover the hidden value of renewable energy plants, enabling clients to increase revenue by increasing annual energy production.


In a world where energy demand escalates alongside digital growth, QiO Technologies offers a beacon of innovation. Their DC+ software, powered by advanced machine learning, intelligently fine-tunes power management in data centers at the granular level of CPU operations. QiO technology is a testament to their capability to significantly enhance energy savings while ensuring peak performance.


Novolyze is a developer of a tech-enabled system designed to empower food and beverage companies to enhance food safety and quality performance. Their surrogate microorganisms technology specializes in food safety microbiology. It offers monitoring of steam pasteurizers, sterilizers, dryers, roasters, extruders, and ovens, enabling food companies to produce and provide clean food products to customers.

Micatu, Inc.

MICATU is a provider of next-generation optical sensing solutions for the measurement of voltage, current, vibration, and temperature for next generation grid intelligence solutions. Its solutions provide enhanced data fidelity, accuracy, precision, and the ability to sense harmonic disturbances in the grid before they become a problem for grid operators.

MayMaan Research Inc.

MayMaan is at the vanguard of addressing the 21st century’s critical global energy challenges. Their commitment to creating alternative energy solutions led them to develop an innovative engine/fuel combination. Their award-winning technology, running on a mix of 70% water and 30% ethanol, is set to replace traditional Internal Combustion Engines with a commercially viable, energetically superior, and less polluting alternative.

Living Greens Farm

Living Greens Farm has developed and commercialized an efficient semi‑automated system for indoor farming of leafy crops such as lettuce, spinach, kale and other crops. Like other indoor farms, LGF uses 98% less land, 95% less water than traditional farms, and eliminates pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals. In addition, it has been able to grow superior, robust, full sized plants at low cost.


Intellihot is a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency water heating systems for commercial and industrial markets. Their on-demand gas/propane-fired heaters operate at 95% efficiency, surpassing traditional products. Intellihot’s reliable and space-saving solutions reduce operating expenses by 30-60%, cut capital expenditures by 50%, and contribute to a sustainable future. 

Intelligent Fluids

Based in Leipzig, with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Leuna, Intelligent Fluids employs and partners with top notch researchers to conduct cutting edge research and launch groundbreaking innovation. They have pioneered green impact chemistry for cleaning. A new era of professional cleaning materials for industrial applications that combine the highest performance with sustainability.


Gradiant is a water recycling company with broadly patented processes to purify and recycle toxic water with a global customer base in multiple industries, including desalination, power generation, textiles, oil and gas, leather tanning, and mining. After spinning out of MIT in 2013, the Company has quickly established a diverse business footprint while significantly impacting the world’s water supply.

Factorial Inc.

Factorial is a manufacturer of nano-engineered batteries designed for electric vehicles, homes, and critical applications. The company’s batteries increase energy density and improve capacity, have an extended life, and recharge faster than any other existing material, enabling battery manufacturers to use more environmentally friendly, safer, and less expensive materials.

CHASM Advanced Materials

CHASM produces a range of advanced materials, including carbon nanotubes, transparent conductive films, and nanometal inks, which are used in various applications, such as cement production, EV batteries, antennas, heaters, and flexible electronics. In addition to their advanced materials, CHASM also offers development and manufacturing services to help their customers bring their products to market quickly & efficiently.

Carbon Clean Solutions

Carbon Clean is a developer of carbon capture technology designed to help industries decarbonize and leverage the growing value of captured carbon. The company’s technology offers an energy-efficient process that provides improved capture rates and delivers industrial-quality carbon dioxide for reuse or sequestration, enabling clients to have easy, affordable, and scalable carbon capture.

AeroSafe Global

AeroSafe is a leading provider of ‘Cold Chain as a Service’ (CCaaS) to ensure safe, sustainable delivery and effective use of pharmaceuticals. Its reuse program includes high-tech reusable thermal packaging, outsourced supply chain services, and a temperature monitoring control tower, reducing carbon usage and landfill by 65% and 90%, respectively, compared to traditional Styrofoam containers.

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