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is our

Impact today…
not 10 years from now
Impact that can be validated by customer experience and results, rather than econometric future models.
Growth equity into
customer-proven products
Meaningful capital and resources to fuel business scale and global reach.
We invest
with high conviction
Partnering with entrepreneurs and building market leaders that drive industrial innovation.
We like to be surprised
Our last 3 investments were inbound. If you´ve heard No from 50 software investors, reach out to us.
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We´re building concentrated portfolios of high conviction investments.

We typically invest before other investors are even considering participating.

We allocate meaningful capital upfront so the portfolio company can be heads-down on execution vs. fundraising and syndicate formation.

We focus on solutions that can deliver both sustainability and profitability.

Active Investments
Targeted Investment per Company
~$ 0 M
Industrial Partners & Coinvestors
0 +

Investment strategy

Industry needs transformation, not disruption

Unlike Software, Industry has large supply chains, physical assets and legacy know-how that need to be brought along in order to address our current and future challenges. Think food, energy, water, and waste management — we need incumbent industries to successfully adopt new technologies, new business models, and new efficient methods. However, scale needs both efficacy and economics.

Industry incumbents, supply chains and engineers need transformation, not disruption.

Global Average Temperature
Source: The Guardian

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Software alone
is not going to
move the needle
We need to reinvent every process, every product, every chemical, and every molecule that we use in order to meet the challenge in front of us. This can only mean that we have to address the full stack of innovation; hardware, software, and services. New innovations to combat our environmental challenges have to be more affordable and more effective.
problems need
global solutions
Climate is an inherently planet-scale problem. We need planet-scale solutions, and these have to be relevant in New Delhi and New York, while potentially originating in Berlin or Bergen.
A new type of
capital: neither
VC nor PE
We are growth equity partners. Without dispassionate backing of the right economics (incentive-free, competitive with incumbent technologies) we cannot create sustainable, profitable scalable companies of the future. Our investing has aspects of both VC and PE. WAVE’s unique investment strategy is focused on realizing the decarbonized future we are all driving towards.
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We are building a concentrated Portfolio. We do not seek co-investors at the time of our investment. We allocate meaningful capital upfront to the Portfolio Company.

We partner with founders and their operational teams to help write the playbook to achieve the next stage of success: Product, Go-To-Market, Technology, and Execution. We work to propel the Portfolio Company to over $100M in revenues.

Green Conversion Systems was a waste-to-energy firm which was wound down with assets sold to another industry player in 2020

Heatworks was an electric water heater manufacturer which was wound down in 2022 and sold at auction


Founder & Managing Director

Praveen Sahay

Founder & Managing Director

Mark Robinson

Founder & Managing Director

Haskell Crocker



Principal, Europe


Director of Investor Relations


Sr. Operating Partner

Thomas Massie

Operating Partner

Matt Polimeno

Operating Consultant

Sarthak Tripathi

Investment Associate


Investment Analyst

Charles Bonsu


Lynette Montejo

Fund Accountant

Kayla Cadigan

Office Manager


Special Advisor

Dr. Joseph Stanislaw


Rebecca Ranich


Patrick Solomon




Director Emeritus

Walter (Chip)

Director Emeritus


More than
just capital

WAVE Equity Partners assists you in developing a complete growth roadmap from funding to exit, including go-to-market strategy, IP management, production scale-up, and exit strategy.

With significant industrial, operational, and investing experience, we merge our proprietary process with our go-to-market know-how to accelerate your growth while reducing risk. By limiting the number of portfolio companies to support, we’re able to provide the focused partnership needed to achieve success.

As an investor in the cleantech space, while top decile returns are critical, so is your desire to invest in breakthrough companies making global environmental impact.

We seek generational sustainability innovators and pair them with the right resources and our proprietary playbook to maximize growth, return and impact.

We prefer quality over quantity. We’re selective, enabling us to truly support our innovators in scaling their execution capabilities. As a result, we believe our portfolio companies can grow faster with less risk.

If it’s not
it’s not

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