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An Investment Firm

Dedicated to Environmental Impact

It’s possible to achieve inspired environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact without sacrificing financial returns. Wave Equity Partners exists to do just that on behalf of our portfolio companies and our investors.

As an impact investing firm, our mission is to maximize returns for investors, growth for portfolio companies and impact for all. We achieve this by investing in sustainability innovators that solve our greatest environmental challenges on a global scale.

Investing Toward a More

Sustainable Future for All

Our earth’s resources are limited. The time is now to do what it takes to protect our planet for future generations. At Wave Equity Partners, we don’t play small. Instead, we target full-stack innovations that combine breakthrough technologies in both software and hardware.

As a result, we can accelerate global progress to a sustainable future by making clean energy and other essential resources available to all.

Perhaps it’s a generation shifting solution that improves energy efficiency by 50%, treats millions of cubic meters of water, or captures millions of metric tons of CO2. Innovations like these inspire the work we do each day. The companies we invest in are responsible for developing the innovations that continue to lead us toward a healthier more hospitable planet.

100+ Years of Combined

Investment Experience

Our team delivers decades of combined experience in both the investment and energy industries. With our know-how and a track record of bringing investors and partners together, we deliver scalable growth to each of our portfolio companies.

An Innovative

Investment Approach

Innovators in essential markets such as clean energy, air, water, food,  advanced materials and recycling suffer from a severe capital mismatch. Private equity firms don’t invest in companies at the early stages of growth and venture capitalists focus on software companies rather than hard-tech companies.

Wave Equity Partners is different. We use our expertise to select the most promising and disruptive sustainability innovators in these essential markets and pair them with capital and expertise to maximize growth, return and impact.

The Values That Push Us Forward

Return & Impact

Purpose-driven companies offer the greatest return potential. We believe the most valuable companies of the future will be those where business purpose drives performance.

Return means nothing without ESG impact. Wave invests in essential industries, including clean energy, air, water, food, advanced materials and  recycling that are critical for a healthy planet. We continuously seek hard-tech innovations that make a meaningful environmental impact.

Sustainability & Profitability

That which is not profitable is not sustainable. An investment is only profitable and sustainable if it generates a strong ESG impact at lower cost to the end consumer.

Trust & Collaboration

Relationships are built on trust and collaboration. With our portfolio companies, we strive for complete alignment of values and goals before making an investment decision. And with our investors, we prioritize transparency and clarity at all stages of funding.

Ready to Make an Impact?

Are you a sustainability innovator in need of capital? A prospective investor?  We can help. Reach out to our experienced impact investment team by calling 617-350-9808 or sending us a message.